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have 5+ years' experience working as a User Experience Designer and 10 years' experience working as a Graphics and a Visual Designer. During this period I have worked with many reputed services and products company. Customers being the central essence of all my creative requirements, I have gone ahead in building creative and usable design experiences and solutions which have enriched my learning curve in handling multiple case studies, and delivering customers centric requirements, which are well appreciated and acknowledged. At present I am working as an User Experience Design Specialist at Micro Focus, (previously knows as Novell Software) exclusively for the ZENworks Product Suite, which is one of the market leaders in the UEM space.

Feel free to check out my portfolio below to get a sense of how I work. If there's anything you'd like to discuss, you can send me an email or find me on Twitter.

Redesign and rebrand: Control Center

The administrative console is use to manage the ZENworks system. You can manage all of your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, bundles, patches and policies from one central location. Because mobile devices, policies, and software are treated just like their desktop counterparts, administrators will find it easy to begin managing their devices without the need to deploy new software and hardware or learn new management tools and paradigms. The assignment was to redesign the working console with a Modern look and Controls and introduce the dashboard sections in each module.

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Redesign new console: Application Launcher

The ZENworks Application Launcher leverages the capabilities of a unified endpoint management solution to provide an enhanced user experience, while using the same functionality as that of the old Novell Application Launcher (NAL) window. The assignment included:

  • Design a brand new user interface that serves as a single place for all ZENworks end user functionality on Windows.
  • Design an integrated search to help you find the app of your choice. The search includes full and split pattern matching by name, description, and contact information.
  • Design new branding policy that enables your organization to customize certain aspects of the ZENworks Application based on your own branding requirements, such as the ZAPP icon, wallpaper, and color.
  • Design an improved user experience, which helps the end user to go to the ZENworks system tray icon, you can click the menu from ZAPP itself to request remote assistance.

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Redesign new console: Imagining Utility

Zenworks allows Imaging operations such as ‘Take Image’, ‘Restore Image’, ‘Multicast restore’ etc. to be performed in the preboot environment. To do this, it loads a ‘minimalistic OS’ first and then executes all the activities w.r.t the imaging operation. Initially the team has developed a minimalistic UI wrapper around third party imaging.The UI wrapper present in WinPE environment does not support some of the features currently provided by ZenWorks Imaging utility.

The request from the end-users was to port all of those features and hence would involve GUI refactoring. Also as all the imaging options can be specified from the command line as well. When the user launches the command with options, the user requirement was to launch the UI with all the options correction populated and start the imaging operation.

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New ZENworks Service Desk Web and Mobile Portal

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New Feature Release for ZENworks Dashboards

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Earlier Assignment for Graphics and Visual Design

This section will brief you with my detail projects assignments, which is focused on developing and managing graphic and visual design work for e-learning and documentation projects. The work assignment involved: flash design, illustrations, icon design, infographics, print and branding design work.

Working as an individual contributor I have always emphasize on providing the visual clarity for technical content and easy to understand graphic and media information for global customers and in-office projects. This has helped the stakeholders and customers to understand the complex products features, tasks, and workflows through provided effective solutions.

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